Dzüko- A Disputed Valley

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Situated at an altitude of 2452 m above sea level. The valley is famous for Dzüko Lily which is found only in this valley. ‘Dzüko’ which means ‘Soulless and Dull’ referring to when some ancestors of Viswema of the Angamis who moved out to establish a new village in Dzüko, due to the unfavorable weather conditions they were unable to harvest crops which led them to say ---

“the valley is very beautiful but is dull and soulless"


The base camp for the trek is Viswema Village, accessible through shared taxis from Dimapur, Kohima or Imphal through Mao Gate..

Surrounded by the robust Japfu hill range and hidden by lush green forests, the trek offers a thrilling adventure– walking in the dense forests, traversing the raging rivers, meandering through the thick bamboo vegetation and living in an isolation.

A view of Japfu Range taken while climbing Mt. Tempu.

From the Viswema Village, you need to reach the water point, here the climb starts. This is the toughest part of the trekk as you have to climb rocky stairs. So the sugession is to pack light, Generally this climb could be completed in 70 to 80 min.

The climb ends here, after this its only a traverse till the guest house.

The climb ends here, after this its only a traverse till the guest house.

What seems like green grass from the distance are small bamboo plants that look like weeds.

The Guest house, is very basic. You will get to hire kitchen, utensils and blankets. Dormatories are also available where you will be sleeping on wooden floor.

If you carry your own tent you can setup it up around the guest house. Camping in the valley is prohibited, due to human negligence and waste issues.

Walking down to the valley from the camp would be aroung 60 min, the views would make you fly. The nature unfold it's beauty as you go near to it.

Stretching as far as the eye can see in all directions, the Dzükou valley boasts an astonishing, undulating treeless sweep of knolls, hillocks, verdant glens, river-cut ravines, meandering rivulets and deep-reaching caves.

The caves at the valley

The convoluted folds, ripples and contours of the valley are a marvel to witness and few travellers will have ever observed anything like it before.

Yes! The soulless valley has a magic right from the paths, to trees, to flowers, to valleys, to the cloud and to sunset. It’s a dream where you have to just put down your feet and explore, It’s all REAL

Sometimes, the beauty is in being different. In summer, the whole valley covers up itself with colourful flowers. And in winter, it covers itself with Snowy blanket.

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