How is Indian Railways breathing through pandemic.

Due to pandemic it had to shut down its services, the first time in 167 years.

In 2017 the railway budget got merged with the General National Budget ending a 92 years old tradition. Bringing both the capital expenditure and revenue decisions under finance ministry. Since then the central Govt. has shown green flag to 151 modern passenger trains operated by private players over 109 routes, which the unions accuse of selling national assets. The national transporter's worst ever operating ratio(OR) in last 10 years were 98.41% for 2019-2020. Which the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) India states as “window-dressed” finance, otherwise it might be something around 101.77%. OR for 2020-21 is reported 96.96% & 2018-2019 at 97.29% respectively.

Due to pandemic the passenger revenue dipped to 87%.

As of 2021 the Finance minister announced 1.1 lakh crore of which 1.07 lakh crore would be for capital expenditure for the National Rail Plan to create future-ready railway system by 2030.

As we are looking towards a future railway these shots are made on April 2021 at Mysuru Junction, freezing the present time which is still breathing in the past. A transporter that has history embedded to its existence every turn reveals a story and a new beginning of hope and longing. The change is evident which is gonna come.


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